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Alter’s “THE WORLD’S END’: CHILDHOOD’S END” Grabs Readers, Never Lets Go

In response to Ethan Alter’s 1050‑word review of The World's End on Television Without Pity

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Ethan Alter’s “THE WORLD’S END:  CHILDHOOD’S END” is a whopper of a review, weighing in at an astonishing 1050 word count. Readers will be taken along on a journey that visits various film references as well as the border of Spoilersville (yet manages to not cross that line on its own).

Alter is an apparent film aficionado as he throws around not only a variety of movie titles, but also other director/writer teams. At least that is who an unread reader must assume the names are. It’s tough to know for certain, since Alter does some assuming of his own in expecting his audience to already be “in the know,” and can’t be bothered to explain who or what he is referencing. In this case, his spoilers are only spoilers for the readers who know the movies that he compares The World’s End to in the beginning of his piece.

While there are only six paragraphs in this review, they all pack a punch with a substantial level of writing skill. The reader will have no lack of detailed expressiveness to drink up as Alter lets his pen (or in this case, his typed words) flow freely.

A small picture and a pink background for the heading draw some attention but it’s Alter’s writing that really grabs hold of the readers, and never lets go.    

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