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Simon Gallagher’s “Nebraska Review” Is Vitamin C for Review Sickness

In response to Simon Gallagher’s 663‑word review of Nebraska on What Culture

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Simon Gallagher is back to offer the reader some healthy criticism in “Cannes 2013: Nebraska Review.” The critic’s eight outstanding paragraphs are laced with Vitamin C, and one will feel energized by the work and experience  their system being protected from horrifically bad reviews.

One will notice that Nebraska Review was written from Cannes, and the subliminal effects will surely cause readers to visualize brief glimpses of cinema fun and beautiful beaches. Enjoy the experience, and kick back in your chair for some classic Simon Gallagher.

The writing of Nebraska Review is splendiferous, and the critic does a fantastic job of expressing the characteristics of the leads and supporting roles. Each paragraph contains “Oh wow” moments of analysis, and Gallagher’s words on the genesis of the leads is powerful.  The Cannes effect is intriguing, and one will feel a sense of excitement for awards season. The critic writes with passion and it shows in the work.

Nebraska Review isn’t oozing with deep critique, but the combination of outstanding writing and character breakdown may inspire some to have their own Alexander Payne marathon. Or in some cases—a weekend of Simon Gallagher binge reading.

Nebraska Review is a memorable piece of art, and the critic is deserving of virtual high-fives.    

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