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Susan Granger’s “Review of ’Prisoners’” Is a Blurb

In response to Susan Granger’s 341‑word review of Prisoners on SSG Syndicate

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Susan Granger’s “review of ‘Prisoners’ (Warner Bros.)” is not a triumph of intelligent writing or astute opinion. It’s brief, cursory, and like a really hard small loaf of wannabe bread: leavened with nothing.

Granger provides adequate plot summary and character descriptions, but it sounds more like a forced advertisement on the back of a dated VHS case than a review. Her writing perks up a bit when she describes Hugh Jackman’s performance, although afterward she slides directly back into expressing herself with the passion of a fruit fly.

Granger offers an opinion at the end of the review, but it doesn’t sound genuinely arrived at through intelligent or other means. This review holds very little promise for resonating with general readers, let alone serious potential movie watchers who are seeking enough insight and information to consider watching Prisoners.

The review is presented on a strange little website devoted to movies. The paragraph breaks and formatting of the review are also quite odd—and sometimes ill-placed. Granger doesn’t have grammar issues in this review, but her writing flow is studded with downright awkwardness.

The little Granger Movie Gauge is cute in a kitschy sort of way, but overall, Granger’s review is short, boring, and just shy of a commercial.    

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