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Mark Kermode Offers Free Bruce Dern 101 Course in “Nebraska”

In response to Mark Kermode’s 904‑word review of Nebraska on Observer [UK]

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Review connoisseurs have been frantically pouring through old Bruce Dern films in anticipation of his work in Nebraska, however Mark Kermode’s fantastic piece “Nebraska” raises the question: Why not just take Mark Kermode’s Bruce Dern 101?

Mark Kermode is a true scholar of Dernie in Nebraska, which hasn’t been seen in hundreds and hundreds of reviews. Let the opening two paragraphs swirl in your head as you become a great Bruce Dern mind. The opening anecdote is especially entertaining, and it kicks off the review in jolly fashion.

Kermode gets to the heart of the Dernster and his character Woody in Nebraska. The details of the plot help the reader along down the freshly-paved road of criticism, and the critic puts the pedal to the metal when it comes time to reach Insight Point.

The main highlights of Nebraska revolve around Kermode’s spectacular commentary on the cinematography of Phedon Papamichael, and also his look at Dern’s performance late in the review. The opening soliloquy on the actor lets the audience truly appreciate the finale, and elderly cantankerous old coots might even be moved to tears.

Mark Kermode’s Nebraska is an entertaining read, but it’s his encyclopedic mind that allows the reader to bask in the glory of cinema and film criticism.    

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