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Eugene Novikov’s “Gravity” Review Spouts, Spills, and Spoils

In response to Eugene Novikov’s 531‑word review of Gravity on Film Blather

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Eugene Novikov’s “Gravity” review is dissatisfied throughout, and as such, it leaves the reader wishing he’d spent a few minutes elsewhere.

Gravity is a skillfully told piece, and Novikov deserves the credit for superbly crafted sentences filled with affect. The reader laments throughout the work, which its author clearly intends. But emotions are toyed with rather than drawn out in a frustrating bit of misdirection.

Whereas the review has every opportunity to focus (and does, at times throughout the second act), it’s bookended with puzzling nods to works outside of its purview. Readers who expected primarily a Gravity review will be disappointed as the piece concerns itself with other fare.

Though the passion of the author clearly lies outside of this particular piece, he doesn’t waste time relaying bits of information that ruin the reader’s experience rather than enhance it. Novikov spouts about personal gripes, spills his very guts—and then spoils.

Telling rather than showing is a losing strategy here, and the sense of missed opportunity is palpable. Audiences will invariably be frustrated. “Frustrated” may well be an understatement: many will feel let down and betrayed by a creator they’ve come to expect more from.

Readers will do best to avert their eyes from this Gravity review unless they’re dead-set on being profoundly disappointed.

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