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Jeffrey M. Anderson’s “Guilty as Sin” Is Guilty of Being a Jumbled Mess

In response to Jeffrey M. Anderson’s 1133‑word review of The Counselor on Combustible Celluloid

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Do critics ever have to apologize for their opinions? Jeffrey M. Anderson apparently thinks so in his “Guilty as Sin.” In fact, the first three paragraphs are taken up with explanations of why his opinion may be tainted, as if any critic needs to concern him or herself with that.

To make things worse, the review then begins talking about other films, though exactly why, it’s hard to say. It’s not until the fifth paragraph of an overly long review that the subject of this article is first discussed. By then, the reader may be forgiven for forgetting what this was supposed to be about.

Yes, Guilty as Sin is a mess. From its convoluted beginning to the sudden need in the seventh paragraph to start into a long, boring explanation of the plot, to the last paragraph where the reviewer feels the need to apologize once again, the work is a long, disjointed, confusing ramble. You know you’re in trouble when, just when it seems the end is near, another paragraph starts with “I’d like to take a moment to talk about…” The reader can be forgiven too for running out of the room screaming at this point.

If you really plan to read this review, make sure you have a bottle of aspirin handy.    

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