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Devin Faraci Could Inspire the First Critic Wall Poster in “The Tedium”

In response to Devin Faraci’s 648‑word review of Escape Plan on Badass Digest

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Devin Faraci will make you laugh until it hurts in his latest, “ESCAPE PLAN Movie Review: No One Escapes The Tedium.” The critic displays outstanding comedic timing that is rare in the art form, and will likely inspire the first film critic wall poster.

The Tedium is a joyous event for all. It doesn’t matter if you experience it on a phone, iPad or actual computer—it’s a web page of emotion, and that emotion is happiness.

Faraci begins The Tedium with a clear statement on the film, and offers the reader a nice surprise by the end of the paragraph. While the reader is not fully immersed quite yet, one will pause and think, “Hmm. Go on, Faraci.”

The plot summary is above and beyond the norm, and the feeling is indeed rich. Faraci makes excellent observations on the supporting cast, which is highlighted by several exclamations points when addressing 50 Cent. One will also chuckle when the critic examines the role of Jim Caviezel. The entire paragraph is filled with zingers, and the critic boldly challenges the bladder of the reader.

The Tedium won’t be researched for its analysis on Sylvester Stallone, however the country (or world) may rally behind Faraci in regard to his thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger. The appearance of a Ben-Gay reference is well-placed and poignant.

Faraci closes out The Tedium with the class of Sinatra and the humor of Dean Martin. One will wish to start their own “Rat Pack” with the critic.    

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