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Helen OHara’s “Ender’s Game” Lacks Effort and Respect for Reader

In response to Helen OHara’s 420‑word review of Ender’s Game on Empire Magazine

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Helen OHara’s latest review, “Ender’s Game,” is an uninspired web page of vagueness. The readers of the critic may form a Facebook discussion group to contemplate why the critic abandoned their needs. The quality of the review could be matched by the guy at the end of the bar at your local pub.

Ohara’s Ender’s Game opens with promise as OHara devotes a full introductory paragraph to the complexities of the novel, and paves the way for what could be a thorough review. The reader can clearly see by the length that it won’t be, but that’s not to say that the critic can’t be effective.

By the next section of Ender’s Game, OHara informs her audience about the basics of the film adaptation, but without really saying a whole lot. The review is almost over by this point (seriously), and the reader will be stunned by the lack of effort.

Ohara’s Ender’s Game concludes with a weak attempt at analysis. OHara’s breakdown of the lead performance is this: “Asa Butterfield’s Ender is a generally effective combination of childish vulnerability and steely ruthlessness.” Have a nice day, reader.

Helen OHara’s Ender’s Game doesn’t try hard enough, which is a blow to those who do.    

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