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Mara Reinstein Talks Disposable Entertainment in Disposable “Dark World”

In response to Mara Reinstein’s 331‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Us Weekly

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How about that? Mara Reinstein names her latest work, “Thor: The Dark World Movie Review: Sequel Is Disposable Entertainment,” by calling the film “disposable entertainment” and her own work is exactly the same thing. The Giant Hammer of Irony will strike down on readers worldwide.

Dark World is pure fluff. There is almost nothing that one can take away from the work, except snarky writing which comes as no surprise.

Mara Reinstein’s criticism  consists of discussing catchy themes without actually reviewing the film. Statements like “eh” and “baddies” are common in the classic anti-critiques such as Dark World, and Reinstein absolutely fails to communicate anything important to the reader.

Oscar nominations are referenced when dealing with Natalie Portman, a mental institution for Stellan Skarsgard and of course the sibling rivalry of Thor and Loki has to be a key feature. It’s all good-time reading, but how about a few thoughts about acting or the plot?

There is no way that Mara Reinstein could not include Game of Thrones somehow, and squeezes in a reference in the final brutal paragraph.

Dark World is tough stuff. Americans will likely experience a mass-whiplash effect from frustrated readers shaking their heads violently back and forth.    

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