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Eric D. Snider’s “Movie Review: Gravity” Is a Combination of Words

In response to Eric D. Snider’s 267‑word review of Gravity on

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Eric D. Snider will distress and confuse the general public with his weak effort in “Movie Review: Gravity.” The critic appears to not understand that he has loyal fans that demand more.

Review: Gravity opens with a questionable paragraph that attempts space humor, but resembles more of a space-filler. Snider’s writing may inspire a laugh from those easily entertained, however lines such as “That place is terrifying. There’s no air!,” are far from worthy of a stand-up routine at The Laugh Factory. Snider cannot be blamed for trying though. C for Effort.

Snider must have received a phone call while writing Review: Gravity, and accidentally clicked “submit,” because there is nothing other than the basics in the horrendous second paragraph. It’s frustrating to think that Snider would assume a less-than-average plot summary would be acceptable for the audience.

Review: Gravity drops a few truth-bombs on the reader, although one can find the generic information anywhere. Snider offers a brief opinion on the script, and also provides a few words on the 3-D technology. One won’t be moved by the phrasing, however it is something.

Eric Snider disappoints with Review: Gravity, and one can only hope that he is willing to offer more analysis in the future.    

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