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Jordan Farley’s “The World’s End Review” Is Well Paced and Informative

In response to Jordan Farley’s 462‑word review of The World's End on SFX Magazine

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Jordan Farley’s “The World’s End REVIEW” makes a strong stand as a decent and very readable review. He provides brief but relevant background information in regards to the film’s trilogy status, and then he moves quickly into a great plot summary.

Farley gives a number of compelling and believable reasons to watch The World’s End, including excellent descriptions of the characters, action scenes, and pertinent contextual elements.

He tells the reader just enough to pique genuine interest without giving away any spoilers, making this review feel like a breath of fresh air amidst a stagnant array of other reviews that merely exude critical pretentiousness.

Farley’s only complaint about the movie makes sense, and it doesn’t contradict his overall sentiment that the movie is a good and important one to watch.

Farley knows how to write a good article without grammar or style issues. The article is also presented on a clean web-page with modest advertisements and few distractions.

Clocking in at only 462 words, the review is concise and doesn’t waste the reader’s time. It gets straight to the point and doesn’t waver around, making it a very solid choice for the discerning movie watcher when considering reviews to read on The World’s End.    

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