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Eric Melin’s “Predictability” May Inspire Critic Anti-Cliche Convention

In response to Eric Melin’s 496‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on

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Eric Melin has been known to consistently offer a tremendous amount of critique in his artistic creations, however his latest work, “The Desolation Of Predictability From The Hobbit,” is rushed critique that has no intentions of a long stay in SmaugTown.

Predictability opens with a couple uninspired and predictable paragraphs. The film is long, it’s exactly what you’d expect…such and such. It’s classic Smaug criticism and Melin even goes with the now all-too-familiar description of the dragon as being “an impressively rendered CGI creation.” It’s not the critic’s fault that nobody can manage to come up with something a bit more interesting, and one can only dream of a possible convention were critics meet and decide to try just a bit harder for the next Hobbit film.

To be fair, Predictability is a decent review and Melin certainly sticks to critique, however he briskly moves from point to point as if he can’t wait for it to be over. Bilbo is briefly referenced, which is a topic most critic’s surprisingly stray from, and the subplot and Smaug are briefly noted. Melindrops may aggressively text amongst each other with “OMG Melin Smaug Review?”

Predictability will not make anyone cry from disappointment, but Eric Melin could lose a few Twitter followers.    

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