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Al Alexander’s “Leave ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Behind” Is Toxic Fanboy Vomit

In response to Al Alexander’s 829‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on The Patriot Ledger

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Al Alexander ‘s “Leave “Kick Ass 2“Behind”  is nothing more than ranty fanboy hatemail that adds little or no value to the reader.

Watch out we have a movie snob here. With lines like “It wasn’t a huge hit, no doubt because it was too smart and savvy for the masses.” you to will be whispering “judgmental douche” right before exiting the review because the writer’s expanding head is breaking the digital fourth wall.

Subtly is clearly not his forte. There is an air of bitterness as his beloved Kick-Ass was bashed by critics only to be reborn as a phoenix-like cult classic.

Our critic even goes as far as to call the filmmaker names in an obvious nod to his middle school days  going as far as to base the filmmakers intelligence upon the type of movie he created, “Wadlow makes clear he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word parody. Heck, I bet he can’t even spell it.” With humor like that, Alexander should be headlining at the Laugh Factory in no time flat.

Serving as more of a rant than an actual review our critic crosses the line from useful commentary to annoying diatribe too many times to count. If you feel like listening to the guy at the local comic book shop pee all over a director and a film then this is the review for you if you feel like something a tad more objective skip this one.    

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