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“Ender’s Game” by David Kaplan Is Tough Stuff to Get Through

In response to David Kaplan’s 879‑word review of Ender’s Game on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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One will ponder who the writers of future film reviews will be after reading the disastrous “Ender’s Game” by David and Jeanne Kaplan. The couple must be aware that readers generally seek actual critique from critics, and not dressed-up descriptions of the film.

Jeanne’s analysis in Ender’s Game is frustrating and once again whiny. The first problem is that there is little actual analysis, but rather grumblings about the content. The critic appears to have a hard time distancing herself from unpleasantries to deliver a thorough critique.  There always seems to be something that upsets Jeeanne, which seems to be a reason for her to give little effort. One doesn’t need to be a “devotee” of “futuristic imaginings” to write in an intellectual way about the film. After seven dreadful paragraphs of nothing the review is half-way over. Then there is David…

The Kaplan’s Ender’s Game is improved with David’s composed and structured writing, although the work essentially consists of the critic describing the film. Statements such as “Gavin Hood has faithfully followed the novel, at least according to a friend” severely detract from the legitimacy of the review. However, the content implodes successfully on its own. To the credit of David, he provides a few strong statements about Asa Butterfield’s Ender, but ultimately the work is hardly average.

The Kaplan’s Ender’s Game is tough stuff to get through. The dynamic duo should look to mix Jeanne’s passion with David’s structure, which could result in the actual breakdown a film. The complaining and stating the obvious does nothing for the combo.    

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