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Matt Brunson’s “Ender’s Game: Kid Stuff “Is a Crowd Teaser

In response to Matt Brunson’s 303‑word review of Ender’s Game on Creative Loafing

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Matt Brunson’s “Ender’s Game: Kid stuff“ is essentially a mile per minute, justifiably short analysis, but it is unjustifiably thin in terms of getting to the heart of what makes the film good or bad.

To the point? Yes. Serviceable? Another affirmative on that one. Thorough? Not so much. It fails to actually establish a true honest-to-goodness line of thinking about the film. The details are skirted upon like a flat stone across a still pond. The ripples, left in the stone’s wake, that are word choice remain small and un-spectacular.  

The writing for the most part works well with the quick pace of the article. Brunson, to his credit, succeeds in luring potential viewers to go see the thoughtful Sci-Fi extravaganza and still curbs his enthusiasm enough to not come off as a frothing at the mouth film proselytizer.

Brunson’s ignorance of the source material works to his advantage in this case because his opinion isn’t polluted by Orson Scott Card’s prose and thus he is able to critique the film from the standpoint of critic as opposed to ardent fan.

Brunson’s Kid stuff  never bashes, it just cooly states the facts objectively. The paper-thin analysis could have used some beefing up. This problem could almost be overlooked but the fact that everything else is blase negates almost anything positive about the article.    

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