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Allan Hunter’s “Gravity” Is Over Before It Begins

In response to Allan Hunter’s 290‑word review of Gravity on The List

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You have to hand it to film critic Allan Hunter: he knows how to keep an audience wanting more. At 290 words long, his “Gravity” is barely long enough to qualify as a review. What’s there is well-written enough, but there’s just not enough of it.

“Gravity” hits some important points in discussing the titular science fiction film: comparisons to earlier 3D movies, a brief synopsis of the plot, a nod to the performance of the actors. Then, however, it ends in a series of unsubstantiated superlatives. It’s easy enough to say that a movie is  “technically flawless,” but that’s just too grand a statement to make without somehow supporting it with explanation and evidence.

There’s certainly an audience for a review of this length. Not everyone has the time and attention span to sit through 1,000-word critical analyses. And for those who like their reviews short and sweet, “Gravity” will likely hit the spot. It would even work without its accompanying rating system, which is a rarity for a review this short. For those looking for a genuine in-depth review of the film, though, “Gravity” will likely feel more like an appetizer than a full meal.    

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