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Julian Roman’s “Furnace” Has Too Many Irons in the Fire

In response to Julian Roman’s 510‑word review of Out of the Furnace on MovieWeb

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Julian Roman’s “Out of the Furnace: Review By Julian Roman,” repeats itself frequently, and it’s also repetitive, often saying the same thing twice and thrice.  

Out of the Furnace is wonky from the outset, with Roman’s opening paragraph a boring mess of dull, declarative sentences that only spell disaster for the remainder of the piece.

The next paragraph is devoted to recapping the plot, which Roman does with relative adeptness, but it’s when he gets into the critique that things really start to fall apart.

The criticisms here are of the “I liked this, but I didn’t like that” variety, which, when combined with the rambling nature of Roman’s prose, make the work sound like a glorified forum post from a fan boy.

The writing is really the major problem with Furnace. Roman clearly understands the basics of film critique—he knows what he needs to focus on—but everything comes out of his pen haphazardly and any would-be analysis just ends up muddled and uninspired. He’s got the right idea in his head, but there’s ultimately a disconnect between his thoughts and the page and the result is a piece that ends up feeling flat. This one needed a little more time in the fire.     

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