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Mark Keizer Is a Keystroke Warrior in “ENDER’S GAME Movie Review”

In response to Mark Keizer’s 871‑word review of Ender’s Game on Alt Film Guide

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Mark Keizer is a master of the written word in his extravagant “ENDER’S GAME Movie Review.” The piece is composed extraordinarily well, and the outstanding insight of the critic may cause some to weep. The work is undeniably an essential piece of criticism.

GAME Movie is fascinating from the start as Keizer pulls in the reader with an original introduction that refuses to provide only the basics of the film’s back story. The stylized prose of the critic is a huge bonus, and the words flow fantastically from point to point.

Mark Keizer not only provides adequate summary, he delivers an excellent critique. He has a way of conveying loads of information with crisp phrasing, and one will appreciate the deep analysis on the main themes of the film.

GAME Movie rises above the average review due to Keizer’s dedication to expand on his points. It’s easy to make simple observations, but the critic truly breaks down the motivations of the characters and the setting in which they live. Everything about the review exudes intellect, and Keizer clearly knows how to work an audience.

GAME Movie is a must-read and audiences worldwide should be thankful that the world has Mark Keizer.    

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