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Andrea Chase’s “Thor: The Dark World” Is Only a Little Pretentious

In response to Andrea Chase’s 656‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Killer Movie Reviews

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Here’s a guarantee: this is the only review you’ll ever read that describes Thor: The Dark World as an amuse-bouche. Andrea Chase, the curator of cool at her site Killer Movie Reviews, gives her take on the sequel starring Loki and some other dude in “THOR: THE DARK WORLD,” and, if nothing else, she’s flexing some major brain power here.

Unfortunately, Chase takes her sweet time cutting to the, well, chase, leaving readers to slog through self-indulgent paragraphs comparing Thor’s likability to his brother Loki’s, with, surprise, Loki coming out as her top man. After this inspired inner monologue, Chase spends another two sizable paragraphs summarizing the film’s plot (for those undecided moviegoers who need to know whether Thor: The Dark World is about aliens or the ruinous love life of Dom Pedro the Second of Portugal—hint: it’s the former).

Okay, this is all a little unfair. When Chase gets to the criticisms, they are quite well argued and her confident prose makes them zing. She’s obviously hyper intelligent (this review of a flying man with a hammer includes a reference to Alphonse Mucha, for god’s sake). This can come off as a bit pretentious in the wrong hands, but she sidesteps that pitfall for the most part, throwing in some snark to help the medicine go down.    

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