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Readers Are Stuck in Mediocreville in Lewis Bazley’s “Dark World”

In response to Lewis Bazley’s 401‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Sky Movies

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Are you on-the-go and need a quick recap before seeing the latest Marvel flick? Lewis Bazley is your go-to critic as he offers up the essentials in his less than thrilling work “Thor: The Dark World.”

Dark World will not make one close their tab button with all the power of a Thor hammer, but some may experience a feeling of being stuck in an awkward review realm where not much is said. Lewis Bazley’s work is just another readable piece of art.

The opening three sentences of Dark World provide a brief synopsis followed by a lukewarm statement by the critic. The hair pun is a nice touch even if a variation of the joke has been made 10,000 times before.

Analysis? Well, there is not much to enjoy in Dark World. Bazley addresses all the main players with brief comments such as “It’s largely business as usual for the cast.” The great Thor minds of the world may find satisfaction in this comment, but the average reader certainly deserves more.

Bazley touches on the direction and score in Dark World, but is unwilling to step up his game. The content is comparable to what one will read while waiting at the dentist’s office.

Dark World does just enough to get by, which is both frustrating and tragic.    

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