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Chris Knight Is Your Wise and Witty Tour Guide in “Manageable Mayhem”

In response to Chris Knight’s 784‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on National Post

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Is everyone on board Chris Knight’s Virtual Tour Bus of Film Criticism? The ride will make stops at all the main points, and your comic guide will keep you laughing while gently prodding your brain with sweet, sweet insight.

All aboard for “Thor: The Dark World, reviewed: Manageable mayhem makes Marvel’s latest a must-see.”

Chris Knight makes a nice reference at the beginning of Manageable mayhem that will let the reader in on the epic scope of the film. Don’t be afraid, because the critic supplies a generous amount of knowledge.

After a little Jason Mraz-like word-play in the opening paragraphs, Knight transitions and takes a time out to reflect on Thor. The critic’s thoughts aren’t entirely rich with details, but he offers up enough to keep the reader curious.

Manageable mayhem is not on another realm of criticism, but it’s quite good. Knight’s writing is so entertaining that it’s a shame he couldn’t offer more information to the reader about Loki, rather than trying to be Johnny Ha-Ha. Humor is injected throughout, but there are moments when one needs their fix of Knight analysis, and Loki is one of those key moments.

Knight concludes Manageable mayhem with some intriguing thoughts on the manageable mayhem of the film. One won’t be blown to another universe by the critic’s thoughts, but it’s a decent close to a solid review.

Manageable mayhem is not oozing with opinion, but it’s a jolly good time and shows tremendous effort.    

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