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Marc Savlov’s “Kick-Ass 2” Shines With Truth and Laughs.

In response to Marc Savlov’s 203‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Austin Chronicle

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“Kick-Ass 2”, the latest inspired writing from Marc Savlov, explores the bounds of how far one movie review can travel.

In the inquisitive opening paragraph, Savlov takes a historical approach and poses an important question to the reader. The retrospective approach works, especially with a touch of humor, and the reader will find themselves in a meditative state of cinematic zen.

Savlov’s commentary addresses the poor taste of plot points and makes key character connections with his stylized and profound words. The man is not out for blood, but rather a gentle observer perched in the tree of cinema. His subtle gaze looks beyond the borders of the normal eye, and his vision seeks truth that escapes so many.

The perspective of Savlov is fair, and never bitter, as this superb movie mind inquires about all that is right and wrong, and employs the written word to reach a higher state of understanding.  Once that magical place is found, there is no turning back for Savlov and he reigns supreme in this new land.

In the final, remarkable paragraph of Savlov’s Kick-Ass 2, he looks toward the future and contemplates how far one will go to experience a feeling of true bliss.    

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