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Frank Swietek’s “The Counselor” Flourishes in Ugly Surroundings

In response to Frank Swietek’s 778‑word review of The Counselor on One Guy's Opinion

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Like a flower growing up out of a slum sidewalk or a child’s Christmas gift to his parents, sometimes good things come in ugly packages.

This is the case with Frank Swietek’s “Counselor, The”, whose presentation is as bad as it gets.  This is not to say the site needs to be gaudy or flashy, but, in 2013, there is a certain expectation (and judgement made) about the look indicating a certain level of quality.  

Luckily, Swietek’s review works against the stereotype and delivers a thoughtful, well argued piece. Swietek flexes his considerable knowledge of film here to great effect. He’s a scribe whose work is patently professorial in its analysis, which makes sense because he is a professor, and, as such, clearly has a penchant for critical thought.  

That comes though loud and clear here, with Swietek methodically breaking down The Counselor, which is “terrible—nasty, ultra-violent and borderline incoherent” and whose performances are “embarrassing.”

A note on spoilers must be made. While Swietek doesn’t give away any major plot points, he does indulge in some descriptions of imagery you’ll encounter at the end of the film, which may annoy some readers.

Swietek is a real talent and his work is worthy of a better venue.    

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