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Anthony Quinn’s “Film Review: Kick-Ass 2—Chloe Moretz Stands Out as a Dy

In response to Anthony Quinn’s 918‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Independent

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Anthony Quinn’s “Film Review: Kick Ass 2 -Chloe Moretz stands out as a dynamic presence in this lame sequel” starts with a question (which is a weak hook). Quinn than gives us an answer (because there is only one, apparently), and then provides a brief pop psychology lesson on how “people” worry about “copycat violence” and blends it into a discussion of Hollywood’s inability to come up with new ideas, just throwing more violence into the mix.

It’s clever enough in the first half, but then the review collapses into the usual parade of laurels for Kick-Ass and revulsion for its child, which, for Quinn, was “lame. “  

Then the cogs really start turning. There’s the plot review, the character introduction, the mild commentary. They all churn on like 1001 other reviews. Yet, of all the reviews on this film Quinn has the audacity to call the director competent and fearful! It’s a bright note in a sad parade of competent reviewing.

Then the normal platitudes fall out: characters but no charaterization, Hit Girl is cool, too many villains and heroes, Jim Carrey didn’t like the movie after Sandy Hook, etc.

So the bright spots Quinn drops in are swimming in a pool of mediocrity. Not even Hit Girl could save Quinn from being a minor voice in the reviews of this film.    

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