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Mike Scott’s “‘Out of the Furnace’…” Irresistible Out of the Gate

In response to Mike Scott’s 772‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Times-Picayune

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The challenge is set: attempt to pull away from Mike Scott’s latest work, “‘Out of the Furnace’ movie review: Searing performances buoy bleak revenge drama”, after just the first sentence. It’s safe to say most readers will fail that challenge.

Scott has all the traits of a good writer: flow, charisma, comprehensive analysis, etc. But it’s the sharp attention to detail and dead-on analogies of the supporting premises that really  set him apart from his peers. He has a way of encompassing the reader in the moment so absolutely, it almost feels like déjà vu. The narrative is predictable enough that the reader can almost see where it’s leading at all times. And yet, it is compelling enough to make it worth pressing onward. Such is the mark of a good author—being able to strike the perfect balance between accessibility and intrigue.

This writing comes to life with entirely relatable situations and well-placed anecdotes that transition the reader effortlessly from one passage to the next. The characters have dimension and depth, and behavioral patterns so human, it’s as if they were right there in the room with the reader. The whole experience is vivid and tangible to the point that it blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Likely, the audience will not only be engrossed from the start, but will wish to remain in the world Scott creates indefinitely.

Literary connoisseurs rejoice! For a gourmet textual feast is in their midst. Scott delivers a masterwork here, one that should serve as a benchmark for what truly great literature should aspire to be.    

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