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Chris Sawin’s “Kick-Ass 2’ Review” Is a Bonafide Bore

In response to Chris Sawin’s 706‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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Chris Sawin’s “Kick-Ass 2’ review: When in doubt, pull out (Video)” has an in-your-face title but does little else beyond that. Readers who are looking for not only scenes to be spoiled but also character arcs to be completely detailed, this review is a perfect choice.

Sawin loses his readers’ attention span quickly with the lack of depth in his analysis. He makes large statements about specific roles in the movie but fails to capitalize and delve into his analysis. Instead this review just scratches the surface and leaves readers feeling unsatisfied.

The lack of explanations into Sawin’s words stall any momentum that this review manages to capture. The language is dull and doesn’t ignite any fires in the minds of the readers.

On top of the glaring shortcomings of this reviewer’s writing, readers will also experience an annoyance of pop-up ads. If the point is to annoy those who visit the page so much that they just skip this review, then mission accomplished!

To simply skip this review is by far the smartest choice. There is absolutely nothing redeeming to be found here. The experience of reading this review will bore and frustrate readers for days to come.    

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