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Nothing Miraculous Happens in Moira MacDonald’s “Road Trip”

In response to Moira MacDonald’s 356‑word review of Nebraska on Seattle Times

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Thank goodness for the fantastic prose of Moira MacDonald. If it wasn’t for the beautiful writing of “Nebraska: a road trip to filial understanding,” one might question what exactly the critic was attempting to offer the audience because the critique is disturbingly thin.

The entire four paragraphs of Road Trip are a wonderful read. MacDonald has an unbelievable ability to work the keyboard, and her fans may certainly desire a series of novels. However, an understanding of the written word doesn’t make the piece a fantastic, or even good, critique.

MacDonald mixes analysis in with the plot summary in Road Trip, but the brief appearances of critique do little to help the reader understand the film. There is absolutely no commitment to breaking down the characters, and all the critic manages to say about Bruce Dern is that his performance is “note-perfect.” She also affords little to co-star Will Forte. A critic doesn’t always need to produce a lengthy commentary to get the point across, but Macdonald doesn’t offer enough to make the work memorable.

“Nothing miraculous happens in Nebraska,” says Moira MacDonald, and certainly nothing miraculous happens in Road Trip. It’s a well-written piece, but fails to explore the depths of the film.    

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