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Kenneth Turan’s “Review: ‘Gravity’” Has Pull

In response to Kenneth Turan’s 995‑word review of Gravity on Los Angeles Times,0,488680.story?track=rss

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Kenneth Turan’s “Review: ‘Gravity’ has powerful pull thanks to Sandra Bullock, 3-D” is organized, insightful, and well-written. Turan revels in his ability to create imagery, context, and summary.

At times, Turon’s words turn into the facsimile of a thesaurus, which may leave the reader feeling abandoned out in space too. Turon is forgiven this obtuseness only because he’s not a greenhorn reviewer: he still provides accessible information in meaningful ways that engage the reader.

By far the worst thing about this review, which doesn’t give justice to Turon’s work at all, is the incredibly buggy web-page: the advertisement ants, roaches, and centipedes are so vast in number they have the potential to temporarily bog down one’s computer, which in turn disengages the reading process. The “PHOTOS” links embedded throughout the review are also heavily distracting.

This review contains a very interesting background about the cinematic processes that went into the creation of Gravity, and this information is communicated so craftily the reader perceives Turon is  just as much a researcher as a lover of films.

Overall, this review has a lot of powerful pull in terms of style and content, but the tide of advertisements may leave some readers highly annoyed.    

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