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Paul Chambers’s “Movie Review” Threatens the Future of Film Criticism

In response to Paul Chambers’s 258‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Movie Chambers

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Readers worldwide will be stunned by the utter ridiculousness of Paul Chambers’s latest work “Movie Review: Out of the Furnace.”

Is Chambers actually a film critic? The entire two-hundred fifty-eight words of Movie Review seem to cry out to the reader, whimpering “help me!,” and one can almost hear Chambers grunt out “Well, I saw the film, and guess I better write something.” What a horrible mess.

Movie Review is literally a review of the action. Chambers doesn’t appear to be enthusiastic about the film, or maybe he is just not thrilled about his job. Effort and passion are nowhere to be found.

Chambers jumps right into the plot summary in Movie Review without warming up the audience. Can a reader get an opening argument? Can Jay-Z pen a sweet rap for distressed readers of reviews (“Can I Get A…”)? The sizzle factor of the piece is non-existent, and the critic glides along for a couple hundred words of plot summary until he decides to “critique.”

What exactly is critique these days? According to Chambers, it is apparently informing the reader that the film is “stocked with low-life characters,” and then naming them off. Review over. Have a nice weekend. You just read a collection of words, reader!

Paul Chambers should take a long walk and think deep and hard about the concept of film criticism.    

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