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John Serba’s “Dull Spectacle” Is Anything But

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John Serba is the best critic you’ve never heard of. Okay, you may have heard of him if you’re a film criticism junkie, but the publication for which he writes, MLive, isn’t exactly on the same level as Variety, so Serba flies under the radar.

This is a shame because Serba’s work in “‘Thor: The Dark World’ review: Chris Hemsworth can’t save Marvel Comics sequel from being dull spectacle” equals (and sometimes surpasses) the work being done in the bigger publications.

Now, this isn’t a heady, intellectual essay in the classical sense, but, like all of Serba’s pieces, it’s wryly acerbic, bitingly observant, and an absolute pleasure to read.

Serba has that rare gift of being able to craft prose that flows effortlessly and breezily without being inconsequentially light and that beautiful combo is on full display here as he finds new and refreshing ways to say things which have now been said ad nauseam by every critic in the land.

Rarely does a critic have this much command when it comes to word choice. Where most would settle for the first word in their thesaurus, Serba’s economy with descriptiveness is second to none and this is where he really shines.

Serba’s a poet and his work here is one of the best pieces written thus far on the guy with the hammer.    

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