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Kofi Outlaw’s “‘Escape Plan’ Review” Dodges Convention

In response to Kofi Outlaw’s 999‑word review of Escape Plan on ScreenRant

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Kofi Outlaw’s “‘Escape Plan’ Review” pulls off a nice trick, one that many of Outlaw’s contemporaries have thus far failed to do: its opening two paragraphs are about the movie.

This is a rare feat. Other reviewers have found the need to discuss a range of topics in the firs two paragraphs that were not the film itself: discussion of the actors’ ages, nostalgia trips down memory lane, noting the historical significance of the team up of Sly and Arnie, and how it could have been box office gold back in the day.

Outlaw? He keeps it real. There’s a plot synopsis, old school style, and then the review doubles down into a no-holds barred, trash-talking, no-stones-left-unturned dismissal of every move the film makes.

Outlaw employs a heady mixture of snide tone, ironic refrain, puntastic analogies (“Grumpy Old Men with Guns”), and more!

The only chink in the armor is the false expectations Outlaw had about the film, and what he feels are the false expectations of the audience: this is not a shoot ‘em up. Instead of going to wikipedia to find out what kind of film this is (the genre is prison break,) Outlaw goes on a jargonfest that would make any political science high with excitement (what the heck is a “heist-thriller”, beyond a redundant addition to the English language’s cache of compound words?)

By the time you reach the final line, there’s a gag ending about the film being more of a drinking game in waiting. It cheapens what started out as a fine effort, even if it was fun reading.    

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