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Joe Williams’ “Space Disaster ’Gravity’” Is High Art

In response to Joe Williams’s 399‑word review of Gravity on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Joe Williams’ “Space disaster ‘Gravity’ raises weighty questions” is movie review bravura. With a balletic opening, Williams thoroughly establishes his perspective as artistically and conceptually profound.

Williams’ writing style has a three-dimensional quality of creativity, power, and intuition that consistently engages and entertains the reading audience. His heightened perspective is unique; his grammar flawless, and the insightful landscape of his review ultimately succeeds at immersing the reader in a warm liquidity of language that never drowns.

Space disaster is vivifying and seamlessly executed with micro and macro-cosmic symbolism, making it a stable anchor in the limitless void of movie reviews. While some readers may consider Williams’ style the verbal equivalent of a literary fusillade at times, others will find it refreshingly ambitious.

Even with Williams’ vast vocabulary, Space disaster rises above the level of intelligentsia and the commonplace—into the realm of creative brilliance.

The captivated reading audience of this review is likely to wonder why the St. Louis Post-Dispatch didn’t make more room for Williams’ awesome words, instead of encasing them in a such a slim column surrounded by unsightly advertisements.   This is the only negative aspect of Williams’ Gravity review.

Overall, Space Disaster has enough nuggets of wisdom and profundity to leave the discerning reader completely satisfied.    

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