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Rex Reed’s “Fly Me to the Moon” Is a Spoiler-Filled Nightmare

In response to Rex Reed’s 798‑word review of Gravity on New York Observer

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Just about the worst thing a film review can do is spoil a movie’s plot, and Rex Reed’s “Fly Me to the Moon:  Gravity Is Pure, Popcorn-Munching Fun” does exactly that. This is not a minor spoiler, either, but an Earth-shattering plot point, something that should be experienced by the audience firsthand rather than read in a review. To spell it out to the reader this blatantly is nothing less than a betrayal of the reader’s trust.

The rest of the review does not redeem this betrayal of trust, either. The writing is hacky and unsubtle. One particularly ludicrous analogy describes the speed of flying space debris as “faster than a high-speed Internet connection.” One does not need a doctorate in physics to know that that is not very likely.

Rex Reed is not a newcomer to the field of film criticism, but you’d be hard pressed to tell by reading Fly Me to the Moon.  It not only breaks the readers’ trust, but it provides little compensation for doing so. Excessive spoilers have the potential to turn readers off from film criticism altogether, and there are few more blatant examples in recent memory of spoilers this grand in scale. Run, don’t walk, away from this horror show of a movie review.    

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