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Blake Howard’s “Dark World” Is Vigorous but Fair

In response to Blake Howard’s 705‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on 2UE That Movie Show

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The vision of Blake Howard is on display in his energetic (and uncompromising) “Review: Thor: The Dark World (Alan Taylor—2013). The critic sticks to his guns, and delivers a vigorous but fair performance.

Dark World is more than your typical review which merely conveys all the technical necessities to the reader. Howard communicates his argument by any means necessary to make a point on the questionable introduction, and proceeds to pay due respect to the comedic nature of the film. Howard shows an ability to look beyond the smaller details and entertain the reader.

Howard moves on from the minutia, and delivers an extraordinary commentary on the characters in Dark World. Never does the critic pout about the perceived technical flaws, and is keen to note what makes the film work.

The pros and cons of the plot devices are explored in depth, and the critic pierces the central story by explaining how the comedy of supporting characters make the film worthwhile.

Dark World shines with its focus on the lead characters of Thor and Loki. Howard uses catchy phrasing to bring the individual characteristics to life, and lets the reader in on how they help move the narrative along. The critic leaves no one behind.

Blake Howard’s Dark World is exceptional simply for its fair nature, but also for its ability to engage the reader with lively writing and plot dissection.    

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