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Laura Clifford’s “Nebraska” Is Surprisingly Not Corny

In response to Laura Clifford’s 702‑word review of Nebraska on Reeling Reviews

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After a run of critically reviled reviews, Laura Clifford, one half of the husband and wife team at Reeling Reviews, delivers a shockingly good review with “Nebraska.”

Coincidence? Perhaps.

Where this creative burst of literary powers came from is as unsolvable as the cosmos, but it isn’t as important as the fact that the result is an article that argues passionately and (gasp) coherently.

Is is a little sad to see, because Reeling Reviews was a constant source of unintended hilarity that could elicit a chuckle from even the most cold hearted scrooges.

C‘est la vie. Laura here demonstrates cutting, observant critiques like when discussing Bruce Dern’s performance. It’s “determinedly vague, forging forward with head in the clouds, shafts of lucidity occasionally peaking out” and, while the film “it may not be Payne’s best, it settles in and stays long after it’s over.”

The writing, which previously suffered from a bit of stagnation and lack of continuity, is surprisingly well put together. While it’s not overly poetic (and there are a few grammatical missteps), it’s got a real flow and even a touch of gracefulness.

Is this the dawn of a new era for the Cliffords? Only time will tell.    

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