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Michael A. Smith’s “Prisoners” Has a Clear Statement but No Argument

In response to Michael A. Smith’s 487‑word review of Prisoners on MediaMikes

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Michael A. Smith offers praise in his latest work, “Film Review Prisoners,” but refuses to provide a complete explanation to his audience. The critic calls the film “the best thriller to come down the pike in a decade,” and one will surely expect a lengthy commentary based on this statement. Unfortunately, the reader will likely be scratching their head, and wondering if it was all a joke.

The first paragraph of Review Prisoners is rather boring, but leads into the bold second paragraph, in which Smith drops all the praise onto the film. The critic mentions both director Denis Villenueve and screenwriter Aaron Guzikowsky, which will please, however the critic fails to mention cinematographer Roger Deakins throughout the entire review. The absence is just one of many examples why the review feels incomplete.

Review Prisoners is almost over by the third paragraph, which is both a plot summary and a weak attempt at character analysis. Identifying the main characters and offering a sentence or two of insight is simply not enough for the 2013 reader. If one is to praise a film such as Smith does, then the reader will expect more than a rushed commentary. The final paragraph is quite weak, and it feels that Smith just wanted to get a review online.

Review Prisoners offers little to the reader other than a bold opinion which can be made by anybody. The reader demands analysis from the modern film critic.    

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