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Vaux’s “Mania Review: Kick-Ass 2” Is a Triumphant and Refreshing Read

In response to Rob Vaux’s 747‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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Rob Vaux’s “Mania Review: Kick-Ass 2” is a riveting triumph of a review. With its daring intro that addresses other critics rather than the movie makers themselves, this review brings a shiny, new, and edgy view to the world of Kick-Ass 2 reviews.

The review is focused more on the characters in the film than the plot itself. This keeps the amount of spoilers low and proves to be a smart move overall.

Vaux delves deep into the film’s cast and by the end, the readers feel like they know the characters themselves. Be prepared to get a course in Movie Character Analysis 101. Vaux gets up close and personal with these people and manages to maintain their names and actions sharply in frame at all times.

Vaux sets up the main part of his review by referencing an image that he includes along with his text. While effective in theory, this proves problematic in practice as the image is considerably smaller than is justified by its important role. A misstep in what is otherwise an enjoyable romp.

Vaux makes a strong case with Mania Review. He manages to transport his readers on a journey into the lives of these fictional characters. From start to finish, one really begins to get a sense of what they are all about. This review is definitely worthy of repeated readings.    

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