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Jeff Meyers’s Film Review: Ender’s Game” Is Smart, Insightful

In response to Jeff Meyers’s 670‑word review of Ender’s Game on Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

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Jeff Meyers’s “Film Review: Ender’s Game” sticks the landing.

Despite the inherent unfairness of his comparing Ender’s Game and Harry Potter—these two heroes and novels have wildly different aims—Meyers does use the comparison to gain very interesting insights into the subject of his review; in particular, how Ender’s Game lacks the kind of young adult magic that made the boy wizard movies such a resonant hit with adults and teens alike.

While crediting Ender’s Game for the deep philosophical questions that it raises, Meyers appreciates the importance of comic relief, Prince Hal’s need for a Falstaff, and intriguingly lays out the case for his subject film’s need for levity.

Concerning the Harry Potter movies he writes that they “had an impish tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, [whereas] Ender’s Game is stiff and serious. A glum post-9/11 pall hangs over the narrative.” Meyers airs the rarely heard complaint that a big budget holiday blockbuster is too serious.

Meyers also wisely addresses the controversy surrounding Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card and his very public stance against gay marriage. In a plea for the kind of tolerance that was an underlying theme of Card’s novel—and one the author seems to have outgrown—he urges people not to boycott the film.    

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