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Bob Grimm’s “The Loki Show” Is Endlessly and Mind-Numbingly Silly

In response to Bob Grimm’s 631‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Tucson Weekly

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Bob Grimm’s “The Loki Show” is a bad joke that wears thin pretty quickly. Grimm seems to have chosen some pretty easy targets for himself as he approached Thor: The Dark World. The first aim is to discover the film’s place in the Marvel film universe, the second is to work in a lot of classic rock references. He accomplishes both successfully, but it’s a pretty hollow victory. Even Grimm himself acknowledges that the progressive rock “jokes” are getting old.

Grimm’s tongue is firmly planted in his cheek during the entire outing, but it still isn’t much fun. Grimm writes like someone who has funny ideas, but is not funny himself. His exploration into the romance between the lead and his lady takes a potentially hilarious deconstructive route, but in the end it’s only good for a chuckle.  

The interminable focus on the Marvel movie universe keeps the work very contained. The professionals responsible for Thor: The Dark World can apparently only be measured against the yardstick of Iron Man 3.

In all fairness, Grimm hits his bulls-eyes. For Marvel junkies, Loki Show provides context galore. For those needing a crash course in classic rock, Loki Show provides a nice jump start. For those wanting analysis and heartfelt critique, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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