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Rob Hunter Will Make You Scream “Ay Yay Yay” in “Left to Burn”

In response to Rob Hunter’s 1071‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Film School Rejects

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Rob Hunter will make readers burn with review desire in the plump and insightful “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review: When There’s Nothing Left To Burn You Have To Set Yourself On Fire.” The title is somewhat intimidating, but the critic allows the audience to feel at home with the warm content.

The beginning of Left To Burn is snoozerific. Hunter produces a couple paragraphs of plot summary without making a clear statement on the film, which may lead some to violently crash their head on the screen due to review narcolepsy. One won’t feel the need to shut down their computer, but the critic could have used a statement of sizzle to give the piece a WOW factor.

Fortunately, Left To Burn quickly sets ablaze due the pure literary prowess of Señor Hunter. “Ay yay yay” says the reader as their hair blows back and their face melts from the analytical heat.

Hunter drops four digits of word count on the reader which lets one know that it’s no weakling review. The critic is careful to note all of the strengths of the film, but is not afraid to get dirty and sink his teeth into the flaws. The commentary on sweet J-Law is mesmerizing, and Hunter also explores the directing of Francis Lawrence with precision writing.

Left To Burn is a deep critique that explores all the essentials with great detail. The cast isn’t thrown into the proverbial pit of non-critique, but rather propped up one by one as Hunter addresses the significance of each character. He lets the reader know exactly what does or doesn’t work in the film, and does so with care for the audience’s needs.

Rob Hunter’s Left To Burn is pure fire and may replace the Monster Energy drink to get one ready for the late afternoon.    

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