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Soren Anderson Mails It in With “Escape Plan”

In response to Soren Anderson’s 345‑word review of Escape Plan on Seattle Times

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Soren Anderson’s “Arnie, Sly bust loose with a good ‘Escape Plan’” is the Twinkie of film critique: light and fluffy and full of a big bunch of nothing. The creamy filling here is unsatisfying and bound to leave you with a stomach ache.

There are some writers who can pull off the laid-back, lighter-than-air style that Anderson is going for here, but unfortunately, he’s not one of them. Instead, his work just ends up feeling hollow and ineffective, drooping like a deflated balloon the day after the birthday party.

It’s not that the article is unpleasant, it just lacks anything of substance and Anderson makes the mistake of thinking loosey-goosey equals a fun read. Nonchalance is one thing, but this smacks of apathy, like blasé, space-filling slothfulness.  

His attempts at humor cue the crickets into song and any insights Anderson offers are either musty and unoriginal or vacant to the point of inanity. Anderson’s job here is to use his knowledge of film history and technique to give readers observations they can’t make make themselves and phrases like “Arnie, doing what he does best. Oh, yeah” don’t come close to meeting that criteria.

Mr. Anderson has forgotten his role as critic and fallen down on the job here.    

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