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Brian Viner’s “Bilbo’s Back” Is a Trip to the Lair of Boredom

In response to Brian Viner’s 871‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Daily Mail [UK]

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Brian Viner might be a little confused about the objectives of a film critic. He seems to think that summarizing the film scene by scene in excruciating detail—all the way up to the end—has something to do with critique. “Bilbo’s back—and this time he’s a little gem” is just that; a rote recitation of what happens in the film with a few feeble attempts at criticism sandwiched in between.

There’s an early attempt at humor in which Viner describes his family trying to get across The Desolation Of Smaug in a game of charades, a premise which makes less and less sense as you think about it and will only produce groans from readers.

There’s nothing here about the direction (other than the requisite reference to Peter Jackson’s love for making lengthy films) or the actors’ performances and this lack of basic criticism is unforgivable, especially in an article of this length. Viner is much too busy rehashing the plot to concern himself with something as banal as analysis of the film.

So, little needs to be said about the spoiler factor here. If you care about saving some surprise for the cinema, turn back now—this one will ruin your journey.    

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