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Josh Larsen’s “Gravity” Is a Pleasing Presentation

In response to Josh Larsen’s 567‑word review of Gravity on LarsenOnFilm

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This review titled “Gravity” by Josh Larson gives an innovative touch to the usual “average” appearance of the common review. The presentation of this review must be mentioned first. The piece is aesthetically pleasing, welcoming in its readers with a minimalist yet full design work.

The color schemes work wonderfully, with muted primary colors from the red five star rating, to the blue highlighted words throughout the piece that are hyperlinked, and the yellow link that provides other reviews and suggestions as challenges to Larson’s opinion.

The words are compact but easy to read. Long enough to feel satisfied with relevant information but not long enough to rue the day the reading of this review began in the first place. It’s clean and isn’t infused with any obnoxious “in your face” advertisements.

The writing itself is also of an elevated caliber. The writing is straightforward and follows a short and simple arc to carry its readers through. Larson mingles in all facets of the film, mentioning the good, the bad, and his own opinion.

This well rounded nature of a review is refreshing and gives an air of even atmosphere when reading. The audience can enjoy this review without feeling pulled too harshly between loving or hating the film by the conclusion of the piece. A wonderful review of honesty and visually pleasing design.    

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