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Harvey S. Karten’s “Nebraska” Is a Gem Under All That Dust

In response to Harvey S. Karten’s 874‑word review of Nebraska on Compuserve

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Sometimes good reviews come from the unlikeliest of places. Case in point: Harvey S. Karten’s “Nebraska” which he’s written for, wait for it… Compuserve. Yes that bygone relic that everyone and their grandmother thought had given up the ghost back when Charles in Charge was a number one show.

Who knew anyone was still using it?

No matter. Harvey may be the last card carrying member of this ancient and mysterious race, but he’s single handedly keeping this sputtering jalopy on the road with surprisingly well written and meticulously argued missives like this.

Okay, it’s not all that surprising considering Karten is a member (and founder) of the New York Film Critics Online, which means he has some level of reputation and this isn’t just a particularly eloquent forum post.

This embodies classic criticism in ways both good and bad. It’s incredibly thorough, offering an exhaustive look at every aspect of the film, but it’s also slow and methodical. It frequently sags under its own weight and can be a chore to get through for less dedicated readers.

The presentation here leaves much to be desired because Compuserve looks like, well, Compuserve. Which is to say, vomitous.

If your computer can still reach Compuserve, this one is worth a read for fans of old school critique.    

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