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David Edwards’s “Visually Spectacular” Is All Over the Place

In response to David Edwards’s 273‑word review of Gravity on Daily Mirror [UK]

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David Edwards’s “Visually Spectacular is scatterbrained to say the least. Nearly every sentence is its own paragraph which frees the critic up to change directions unexpectedly as often as he likes. And it seems like he likes to a lot.

The review starts off talking about Oscars. It’s an effective way to take the winds out any review’s sails. It effectively reduces the film in question to a contest submission, which isn’t the strongest way to start, especially with the way it’s worded.

The review ends on the note of aliens, in a logical train that even the most dedicated readers will have a hard time following, “so, if I’m patient enough, I won’t have to see any aliens?”

In between, Edwards spends his time with short, clipped sentences that read like a strobe light looks. While the writing does get into enjoyable territory from time to time (particularly when the issue of flirting is briefly raised) it mostly feels rushed and flat.

Very little is said of the movie itself. Beyond plot description, Edwards makes it very difficult to get a sense of the film from his writing alone. That being the case, you’re probably better off checking out any number of other, superior works.    

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