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“Sequel Pits Flint” by Kam Williams Say Little With Friendly Vibe

In response to Kam Williams’s 337‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Baret News

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Kam Williams provides readers with spoils and little opinion in “Eco-Conscious Sequel Pits Flint and Friends against Evil Agri-Corporation”.

The critic continues on with the recent trend of reviews that explain the general plot to the reader, and offer a sentence of opinion at the end.

Sequel Pits Flint opens with a satisfactory introduction as the critic sets the stage, and allows one to get comfortable. The entirety of the review could have been improved with a little more effort, but instead, the readier is supplied with the standard plot description, only in this case, spoilers are provided as well.

Williams is relentless by shoving unneeded words down the throat of the poor reade. When will it stop? Once the critic gets started, there is no opinion to be offered or any type of personal commentary that would be useful the reader. Instead, Williams pushes a bit too far, further than any other critic has gone so far, and is danger of losing loyal fans.

The final sentence, “A dazzling and delightful sequel every bit as charming as the original!”, could have been moved to the introduction and bolstered by a tiny bit of personal opinion from the critic.

Sequel Pits Flint is one of the worst reviews of opening weekend.     

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