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Jake Coyle’s “Catching Fire” Blazes on the Page

In response to Jake Coyle’s 670‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Associated Press

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Jake Coyle delivers exactly what you’d expect from something coming down the Associated Press pike; an easy to digest crowd pleaser with just enough of everything to keep the masses happy.

Actually, his review “Review: ‘Catching Fire’ an upgrade for Hunger Games franchise,” is quite a cut above the fare you’d find in something like the USA Today.  It’s witty, fast paced, and self aware in an amiable way, but Coyle introduces a little edge to his work and Games franchise is all the better for it.

At no time does the writing fail to honor the critique and Coyle strikes a nice balance between jovial prankster and serious scholar. He carries metaphorical threads perfectly throughout and even manages to conjure some genuinely laugh out loud imagery (Liam Hemsworth as Ben Stiller’s Zoolander) as he offers well-reasoned, solid criticism.

The only time Coyle falters is when he reviews moments from the film. More than once, he goes down the “My favorite moment from the movie” rabbit hole and, not only does he come up with nothing of import, the flow of the piece gets all wonky as a result.

That said, this is still a top tier piece that demands your attention.    

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