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Emma Dibdin’s “Nebraska Review” Is Quick Splendor in the Grass

In response to Emma Dibdin’s 390‑word review of Nebraska on Digital Spy

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Are you down with P. O. C. (Prose Over Content)? If so, you will enjoy Emma Dibdin’s latest “Nebraska review: BFI London Film Festival.” The critic’s art is an enjoyable experience, but Dibdin will frustrate the most loyal of fans with her fluffy analysis.

Nebraska Review looks fantastic and the writing may cause one to visualize leather-bound books. Dibdin’s structure is top-notch, however she slowly fizzles out when addressing the leads. One will appreciate the critics basic take on Will Forte’s transition to drama, but she offers few original thoughts on the performance. The same goes for the lead—Dibdin musters up a couple sentences after noting that Dern won Best Actor at Cannes. One will likely  be hurt by the Dern abandonment.

Dibdin produces pleasing art with Nebraska Review, but her words never find their way to the great land of criticism glory. One may see amazing white lights as the critic approaches her Nebraska destiny, but Dibdin trips in the cornfields and the review ends.

The six paragraphs of Nebraska Review are elegant, but the content is flailing in the winds produced by mightier reviews. Dibdin’s visuals are pleasing, and one will truly admire the effort, but also hope for a day when the critic breaks down characters with fury.

Emma Dibdin is a fine critic, but the world awaits a more vigorous approach.    

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