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Karten’s “I Give It a Year” Makes You Want Your Time Back

In response to Harvey S. Karten’s 505‑word review of I Give It a Year on Compuserve

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In Harvey Karten’s review of I Give It A Year we are treated to a dazzling display of forgotten punctuation, ill-formed sentences, and all around bad writing. So, all aboard the SS Typo! The captain is in his quarters but you won’t be able to talk with him right now as he is an incomprehensible mess, kind of like this review.

If writing is a dialogue between a writer and his imaginary audience, then proper grammar is the rule of engagement. Apparently, to Mr. Karten, they are merely a suggestion to be mocked and derided for a significant portion of time.

During this particular review of I Give It A Year readers will encounter plenty of run-on sentences, awkward misuses of words, and faulty parallel structure: just to name a few infractions.

However, it is not merely grammar that sinks this battered ship. Harvey’s inability to create even the slightest amount of interest in the film is really the gaping hole in the hull, letting the water in.

It was once stated that, “To tell a joke out of context robs it of its humor, and to explain a joke is to put the final pile of dirt over its deep grave.” Actually nobody has ever said that, but they should because it is an unwritten rule of humor, and Harvey clearly did not get the memo.

Sadly, Mr. Karten goes out of his way to suck the humor out of what might have been some hilarious moments. He comes off as some sort of anti-comedy vampire. When Harvey bothers to give you a blow by blow of particular scenes, he doesn’t simply rob them of their power, he mugs them and steals their house-keys and smartphones.

This review definitely falls to the far side of recommendable. The only individuals who need apply for this homemade, easy-to-use torture kit, are those who happen to be fans of reading third grade book reports in their spare time. Perhaps this review should be called, “I Gave It A Minute; Now I Want My Time Back.”   

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