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Alter’s “Kick-Ass 2: Its Existence Is Futile” Takes Readers on a Fantastical Voyage

In response to Ethan Alter’s 1064‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Television Without Pity

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Ethan Alter’s “Kick-Ass 2: Its Existence is Futile” is a fantastical voyage. It smashes onto the scene like a bat out of hell. A very well-versed, well-educated bat, who happens to be from hell.

The amount of levelheadedness that exudes from Alter’s words surpasses many in the field. Readers are given a delightful read as they are exposed to a perfect balance of humor in the right spots and a constant stream of critical analysis with regard to this film.

Alter never strays too far from his path, reigning in his intellectual compare contrast between two films away from Tangentville and back onto the road to movie review glory.

Checking in at a mighty 1064 words, this review is anything but bloated. Every word is needed and every word is enjoyable to cast one’s eyes upon.

Now before everyone rushes to eagerly feast their eyes on this review, take heed of the one glaring annoyance. Once readers have reached this holy grail of reviews, they must pay close attention and dodge a gauntlet of advertisements that are highlighted within the review itself. These ad mines are not impossible to avoid with one’s mouse but accidents do happen. If nothing else, these potential flow-breakers make the reader more aware and attentive than usual… and that’s always a good thing.    

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